Step By Step Guide To Repair A Damaged iPhone Screen Yourself

By | December 27, 2016

Have you cracked or shattered your iPhone screen? If you’re reading this you are probably no longer covered by warranty, or else you don’t quality for it. Either way, you should stay calm because it’s possible to rescue your iPhone for a lower cost than buying a replacement. You essentially have two options – have someone repair the screen for you, or repair it yourself.

Who Can Repair Your iPhone Screen?

We’ll leave out the magical friend who’s good at repairing iPhones, since if you had one you would probably not be reading this. This leaves you with three other options:

  • Apple – Depending on your iPhone model, you would have to pay $129 to $149, but the out-of-warranty service fee can go as high as $349. With AppleCare+, you only have to pay $29 for screen damage for up to two incidents of damage.
  • Mobile repair shops – Mobile repair shops may offer cheaper screen repair services, but their availability and cost vary on your location. Using a mobile repair shop means avoiding the out-of-warranty fee.
  • Online repair services – If there’s no good mobile repair shop in your area that handles Apple screen repairs, you may try online services. You may have to pay shipping costs, though. Also make sure they use official Apple parts for a good quality job.

Repairing It Yourself

Repairing your iPhone yourself will be cheaper than the options above. Best of all, you can get your iPhone back in shape in just one or two days. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Replacement screen
  • Repair toolkit
  • Suction cup
  • Five-point screwdriver
  • Spudger tool

It’s possible to buy high-quality iPhone screen repair or replacement kits online that include all the parts and tools you need for as little $79,99 on Amazon. Remember that whether or not the repair will go well depends to a great extent on the quality of the kit you buy, so make sure you read what others have to say about it. Once you receive the kit you can move on to the steps below.

  1. Power off your iPhone
  2. Remove the screws on either side of the Lightning Dock using a 5-point screwdriver
  3. Remove the broken display using the suction cup. Don’t pull too hard – you don’t want to tear off the cables that connect the screen to the logic board.
  4. Remove the five screws in the top right corner of the battery.
  5. Remove the display shield.
  6. Use the spudger tool to disconnect the cables from the board.
  7. Find the two screws on the back of your broken display and remove them.
  8. Use the spudger tool to remove the cable connecting the Home button and Touch ID.
  9. Push the Home button out.
  10. Put the Touch ID and Home button into the replacement screen.
  11. Screw the silver shield in place.
  12. Reconnect the four cables to the new display.
  13. Replace the display shield and the five screws.
  14. Fit the display in place and push it down into the frame.
  15. Screw back the dock screws.
  16. Test your new display. Does the touch screen work? Does the ear piece work? What about the speaker?
  17. Your job is done!

If you run into problems, you want to retrace the steps above. You may have to disassemble your iPhone and ensure that all cables and screws are in place. If problems still persist, the damage to your phone may be deeper, and you’ll have to consider sending it to a specialized iPhone repair service.


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