How to Protect Your iPhone From Scratches

By | January 22, 2017

iPhones are great for their look and feel but one of the challenges that accompanies every iPhone is keeping it scratch-free. Most of us carry our iPhones with us all day every day and this can increase the odds of scratching and/or damaging the device. And we’ve all heard stories of friends, family and acquaintances who’ve had their phones damaged. But there are a bunch of solutions that can help minimize scratches to your iPhone.

Consider getting an iPhone case and/or screen protector. These come in a range of colors, materials and prices to suit every budget. Here are a few of the kinds of cases and screen protectors you could use:

Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are thin film protectors that can be made from a range of materials including polyurethane and tempered glass. Tempered glass screen protectors will be more expensive than plastic screens. Some types of screen protectors can provide additional features like increased privacy and anti-glare while at the same time minimize abrasion. While the quality of this type of protector has increased dramatically recently, there may be a tradeoff you have to make in terms of the look and feel of this material (it can, for example, alter the feel of the iPhone’s home screen button) on your screen compared with not having it.

Cellphone skins are primarily a fashion feature and offer cellphone owners a range of styles to personalize and accessorize their devices. They may also offer some protection from minor scratches if you don’t want to invest in some of the more heavy-duty products out on the market.

Silicone Cases / Covers

Silicone cases are a step up from cellphone skins and will offer greater protection from scratches than cellphone skins. Like cellphone skins, they come in a range of colors and styles to suit the iPhone user’s preferences.

Cellphone Cases

Cellphone cases can be made from a range of synthetic materials and leather. Some cases are difficult to use while others are more user-friendly.

All of these products vary in quality so you will need to spend some time researching the product that will best meet your needs in order to make an informed decision.

As well as getting a protective cover, there are some additional steps you can take to prevent scratches on your iPhone such as paying attention where you store it. Pens, keys, and coins in handbags, and pockets for example present new avenues to introduce scratches on your iPhone. Keeping your phone away from potential hazards such as sharp objects can go a long way to ensure it doesn’t get scratched. If you’ve just purchased your device, then you should spend some time getting to know it and how it feels when you use it. Treat it with care and it’s bound to not only stay scratch-free but also last you a long time.

There are of course some limitations that come with phone cases and covers and having to think about where and how you store your iPhone can be a hassle, too. Any protective covers you use can:

  • weigh down your phone making it heavier to carry; and
  • make it difficult to operate.

The sleek, elegant style that is the Apple brand will be lost when an iPhone is enclosed in a case; and in an already time-bound world any extra steps you have to take to think about how you store your phone can restrict your freedom. However, the benefits probably outweigh the costs of a small costs in a protective cover given the significant investment you would’ve made when you purchased your iPhone. So visit your favorite online retailer and get shopping! Alternatively, head down to your favorite mall in Singapore to see what you can find to protect your iPhone from scratches.

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