Damaged iPhone Screen – Repairing It Yourself Or Going To 3rd Party Repair Shop

By | December 12, 2016

If you’ve damaged your iPhone screen and Apple’s repair & replacement service isn’t an option for you, you can repair it yourself or have someone else repair it for you. Which is easier? Which is cheaper? Find out below.


Repairing the screen yourself can take no more than half an hour. But you do need a repair kit and the right tools, including some screwdrivers and a spudger. The repair process itself isn’t that difficult, but you do need a bit of dexterity and patience. Also, you’ll have to shop for the right replacement screen.

Thirty-party iPhone screen repair services provided online or by local mobile repair shops do everything for you. All you have to do is send them your phone or deliver it in person. If you’ve never taken your iPhone apart and don’t have much time either, a third-party iPhone screen repair service is the simpler choice.


Repairing your iPhone screen yourself can cost as little as $80. This is less than the cost you’d have to pay for Apple to repair a device under warranty. If money is your only consideration (and you don’t have AppleCare+), repairing the phone at home will help you save good money.

Mobile repair shops and online iPhone repair services will charge you more. It’s hard to give an estimate, since these vary from provider to provider, but expect to pay around $150 without any shipping costs included. That’s still cheaper than what Apple offers.


Since assembling an iPhone is pretty straightforward, the quality of the repair is determined by the replacement screen itself. Not all replacement screens are great. Apple doesn’t directly sell replacement parts (except to authorized shops) so you can’t buy original. However, because of the demand for iPhone replacement screens, there is a fair share of good quality products in the $100-150 price range available on Amazon and on other retailer sites.

With a third-party iPhone repair shop, you may not always control what replacement screen goes into your iPhone. Not all these services are transparent about what they offer, and then you really can’t be sure what gets in.

Also, the cost of the replacement doesn’t always reflect the quality of the new screen, since they may charge more for the work than for the replacement part.


If you repair the screen yourself, you may have to wait a few days for the replacement screen to be shipped to you, if you buy it online that is. If you buy it locally, you can repair your phone on the same day.

Third-party repair services may provide other iPhone services, which means you’ll have to wait a day or two before they fix your phone. If you choose an online service, you’ll have to ship them your iPhone, which will add another day or two to the wait.

In conclusion, repairing the screen yourself is not only cheaper, but also gives you more control over the quality of the replacement screen that goes in.

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