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6 Tips To Keep Your iPhone In Optimal Condition

A new iPhone should be held aloft and admired, a thing of beauty just like Marina Bay’s high-tech Helix Bridge. But like the Singapore landmark, the delicate strands inside the iPhone need to be loved and taken care of. Here are six simple maintenance tips to keep your daily companion in top working order and… Read More »

5 Ways To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

How to prolong the iPhone’s battery is a burning question for all iPhone users, especially those who live in countries with the highest iPhone penetration such as the United States, Australia, and Singapore. Singapore, for example, has over 2 million iPhone users among its total populations of mere 5.4 million. So here we go – a… Read More »

9 Cool iOS 10 Tips For iPhone You Should Know

The last installment of iOS came with new features and app updates, providing a more refined mobile experience. It’s the best operating system for iPhone to date. You may have already noticed the performance improvements and better visuals, but do you know the following 9 iOS 10 tips and tricks? 1. Look at notifications without… Read More »

How to Protect Your iPhone From Scratches

iPhones are great for their look and feel but one of the challenges that accompanies every iPhone is keeping it scratch-free. Most of us carry our iPhones with us all day every day and this can increase the odds of scratching and/or damaging the device. And we’ve all heard stories of friends, family and acquaintances… Read More »

10 iPhone Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

Your iPhone is full of lesser-known features that can make your mobile experience more enjoyable. From a new way to take better selfies to custom reply messages, discover 10 iPhone tricks that can come in handy. 1. Take a better selfie with your headphones Even if you activate the camera stutter by pressing a volume… Read More »

7 Simple Tricks To Speed Up Your iPhone

Is your iPhone taking its time opening apps or loading web pages? Does it provide a less than fluent user experience? Although iPhone packs some serious hardware and a well-optimized mobile operating system, you may have to give it a nudge at times to speed it up. Here are 7 simple tricks that can speed… Read More »

5 Ways to Save Storage Space on Your iPhone

Space is often a problem for iPhone users, even for those with 256GBs of storage. The better iPhone apps get, the more space they seem to take, and then there are all those photos and videos that you just can’t get yourself to delete. Fortunately, there are a few effective ways to save storage on… Read More »