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4 Easy Steps To Repair Corrupted Media FIles In Your iPhone

Whether you’re walking across the Helix with your headphones in or you’re chilling at home with a fresh cup of ‘kopi’, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on. That’s what makes it so frustrating when, suddenly, it stops playing. If you’re getting messages like “The requested URL was… Read More »

7 Ways To Deal With An Unresponsive iPhone App

It’s a strenuous relationship between a user and their iPhone. New updates roll in like unkept baggage that might make the relationship more exciting or maybe even a little stressful. With iOS’s fifth update, 10.2, released within a span of three months since the release of iOS 10, the updates are making it hard for… Read More »

5 Common iPhone 6 and 7 Problems And How To Repair Them

Your iPhone is like a lifeline; it keeps you organized, helps you plan trips, keep in touch with your friends throughout the day, and bump your favorite tunes while you’re taking a long drive. But sometimes, your phone has other plans. Like most slick new pieces of technology, iPhones can be prone to a few… Read More »

5 Steps To Repair An iPhone Black Screen

As any avid iPhone user knows, some problems are easier to work around than others. Maybe you dropped it while trying to snap a quick photo of a monkey at MacRitchie Park, or maybe you just picked it up from your bedside table and found it this way; whatever the case, finding your iPhone stuck… Read More »

4 Steps To Repair An Unresponsive iPhone Home Button

Some buttons are more important than others. Sure, you can do without the function keys on your keyboard or maybe the ‘Share’ button on your PS4 controller, but there’s one button you’d probably rather not go without: your iPhone’s ‘Home’ button. When there’s only one main button on your device, it becomes especially frustrating when… Read More »

5 Things To Try If Your iPhone Microphone Isn’t Working

Problems with iPhone microphones aren’t as common as screen issues, but they can be just as annoying. Not having your voice detected by Siri or sounding unclear during phone calls or voice chats are some of the major microphone issues you may experience. Other issues may include not being able to record audio, not hearing… Read More »

5 Ways to Remove iPhone Screen Scratches

Screen scratches may not be as depressing as broken screens, but they are frequent enough to be annoying. In fact, if you don’t use a screen protector, chances are your iPhone already has a few scratches. The good news? There are a few effective DIY methods that can help you deal with them. Before you… Read More »