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7 Ways To Deal With An Unresponsive iPhone App

It’s a strenuous relationship between a user and their iPhone. New updates roll in like unkept baggage that might make the relationship more exciting or maybe even a little stressful. With iOS’s fifth update, 10.2, released within a span of three months since the release of iOS 10, the updates are making it hard for… Read More »

9 Cool iOS 10 Tips For iPhone You Should Know

The last installment of iOS came with new features and app updates, providing a more refined mobile experience. It’s the best operating system for iPhone to date. You may have already noticed the performance improvements and better visuals, but do you know the following 9 iOS 10 tips and tricks? 1. Look at notifications without… Read More »

5 Best iPhone Bus Apps In Singapore

Reaching your destination in the Lion City becomes so much easier when you know the routes and schedules of buses. Although it’s always easy to hail a cab in Singapore, buses remain a cheap and affordable aid to exploring the city at your own pace. Whether or not you already have a bus map, having… Read More »

5 Useful iPhone Apps for Travelers to Singapore

Heading for Singapore? Whether you plan to stay on the island a few days or a few months, there are a couple of iPhone apps that will make things easier for you once you get there. Singapore’s full of interesting places and people, but it’s an island of 5.6 million. You may find certain areas… Read More »

7 Great iOS Apps for iPhone Users In Singapore

Are you traveling to Singapore or live there already? There are a couple of apps that can make your sojourn or stay in The Little Red Dot more enjoyable. From rental apps to restaurant booking apps, the following apps are easy to use and very helpful. Discover them below. CityMapper – Commute with Ease CityMapper… Read More »