9 Cool iOS 10 Tips For iPhone You Should Know

By | February 19, 2017

The last installment of iOS came with new features and app updates, providing a more refined mobile experience. It’s the best operating system for iPhone to date. You may have already noticed the performance improvements and better visuals, but do you know the following 9 iOS 10 tips and tricks?

1. Look at notifications without pressing a button

One of the most practical things about iOS 10 is that now you can simply pick up your phone to see notifications at a glance. To enjoy this new feature, activate Raise to Wake in Settings > Display.

2. Open the camera app more quickly from the lock screen

The quicker you can open the camera app, the easier will it be to snap a picture of your loved one or anything beautiful that comes in sight. Open the camera in a moment by swiping from right to left anywhere on the lock screen.

3. Unlock the phone without pressing the Home button

One change the new iOS introduced that surprised many users is that now you can no longer unlock the screen with a swipe. The new way to do this, however, is faster and easier. You can unlock your phone by placing your finger on the Home button. To activate this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and turn iPhone Unlock on
  2. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and turn on Rest Finger to Open.

4. Quickly access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and battery settings

To enjoy this new feature, you’ll need an iPhone with 3D touch capabilities (iPhone 6S and iPhone 7). Press down on the Settings app and you’ll see options for your battery and connectivity, allowing you to access them more easily. This way you don’t have to navigate through Settings to find the options you’re after.

5. Prioritize app downloads

This feature is useful when you are updating two or more apps and need to use one as soon as possible. Press down on the app and choose Prioritize Download. If the download is taking too long, here you can also cancel the download.

6. Reopen closed Safari tabs more quickly

Sometimes you may accidentally close a tab that you need. To find it more quickly, tap the two-overlapping squares of the tab switcher, which you’ll find in the bottom-right corner of the browser. Tap then on the addition sign. This will show you the Recently Closed Tabs page, from where you can choose the tab you need.

7. Speak your iMessages instead of typing them

This feature makes communication on the go easier, especially when your hands are busy. All you have to do is tap the microphone icon and speak your message. Tap Done to send the message.

8. Respond to a message more easily

Another iOS 10 feature that makes texting on the go easier is to double-tap on an incoming message. A quick-action menu will pop up that enables you to send a laugh or a thumbs up.

9 .Get rid of stock apps (finally!)

In iOS 10 you can remove all those default apps that you never use, like Stocks, News, Tips, or Watch app. To do this, tap and hold on the app icon until it starts shaking, and then tap the X in the top-left corner and choose Remove.

These are only some of the cool new things you can do with iOS 10. We’ll leave the others for you to discover.

If you know some other iOS 10 tip or trick we’ve missed, tell us all about it.

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