7 Great iOS Apps for iPhone Users In Singapore

By | December 17, 2016

Are you traveling to Singapore or live there already? There are a couple of apps that can make your sojourn or stay in The Little Red Dot more enjoyable. From rental apps to restaurant booking apps, the following apps are easy to use and very helpful. Discover them below.

CityMapper – Commute with Ease

CityMapper isn’t a replacement for Google Maps, but rather a complement. It offers accurate public transportation data including routes and hours. It includes not just major transport hubs, but bus stops and maps for every line. If you intend to use public transportation to make your way through Singapore, CityMapper is a useful app to have. It makes sure not only that you’ll never get lost, but that you always choose the best routes available.

MyENV – Stay Safe During Annual Haze Month

If you’re bound for Singapore, or living there already, you must have heard of the Annual Haze Month. Going out when the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) goes past 100 isn’t a good idea at all. With MyENV you can check PSI ratings in real time for each zone. More than that, you can check global air quality, food quality, and beach water quality. All these are good to know if you like the outdoors.

HoSay – Say It Their Way

Singaporean slag plays a big part in the everyday life of the city. You may hear it in marketplaces, shops, buses and just about anywhere else. Knowing a bit of Singaporean will make it easier for you to interact with locals and find your way around this bustling city. Do keep in mind that this isn’t so much a language-learning app as a language aid, and doesn’t cover notions of grammar and the like.

99.co – Buy and Rent Places

This is by no means the only real estate app for Singapore, but its intuitive and responsive interface makes it easy to use. Whether you need to rent a small apartment for a brief stay or consider buying your own property in the Lion City, this app’s worth a look.

HungryGoWhere – Book and Dine

One issue with dinning out in Singapore is that most restaurants and especially the best ones are always booked. You just can’t expect to walk in and get a table. One solution to this problem is HungryGoWhere. With this app you can find restaurants in your area and reserve a table.

If the restaurant doesn’t offer an online reservation system, you can find the phone number so you can make a phone reservation. For even more choices, you want to consider grabbing another similar app – Chope.

Wireless@SG – Stay Connected

There are plenty of free Wi-Fi hotpots in Singapore, but if you’re going to manually check for them all the time, you won’t be able to see much of the city. Here Wireless@SG can save you.

It works for you in the background, automatically connecting to available hotspots to reduce your data plan costs and ensure you get the best mobile connectivity available. It’s a handy app to have and seems to work well throughout the city.

Lazada – Buy Everything You Need

Think of Lazada as the Amazon of Singapore. It has a large catalog of products for personal use and for your home, so you can save time on shopping. The advantage of using this app over other similar ones is that warranties and the option to return products bring you peace of mind.

These are only some of the useful iOS apps for Singaporeans and travelers. You can discover more in the App Store.

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