6 Tips To Keep Your iPhone In Optimal Condition

By | March 26, 2017

A new iPhone should be held aloft and admired, a thing of beauty just like Marina Bay’s high-tech Helix Bridge. But like the Singapore landmark, the delicate strands inside the iPhone need to be loved and taken care of. Here are six simple maintenance tips to keep your daily companion in top working order and help prevent problems before they occur.

1. Roll But Don’t Rock

It might feel fairly robust with its metal casing but you should avoid shaking your iPhone too much.

The internal wiring can be become dislodged if it is thrown around a lot. On no account use its internal iPod to listen to music while you perform a high-impact workout at the gym. A spot of Tai Chi at the most and try to keep it level if you can.

2. No Magnets Please

Your iPhone might attract envious glances but keep its magnetic appeal down to a minimum.  Electromagnets can have a damaging effect if they come into close contact and even smaller magnets should be kept at arm’s length away from your iPhone.

3. Use Protection

Like any sensible adult, it wise to use protection with your iPhone. Investing in a rubber casing can save you an expensive repair bill if the iPhone is dropped. It is best to buy one that also offers some protection against rain and other elements the weather might throw at it.

It is important that the protective casing covers the back of the iPhone as well as the touch screen which can scratch and crack fairly easily.

There are now protective shells on the market which also have other functions, such as enlarging photos.

4. Start it Up, Again

Your iPhone is to all intents a purposes a mini-computer. Like their big cousins, they need to be rebooted regularly to keep them up-to-date and running smoothly. This means completely shutting down your iPhone at least twice a week.  Allow it to stay off for several minutes before starting it back up. Although you might find it hard to be parted from your best friend, even for only a few minutes, rebooting it often should clear up any software glitches, especially if you use a lot of apps.

On a similar note, letting your battery run completely down a couple of times a month will help extend its overall lifetime.

5. Keep it Clean (Outside)

This might sound an obvious maintenance tip, but we are not talking mud and dirt here. Lint and dust from your clothing pockets can work its way under the skin of your pristine iPhone. These small particles can jam up circuitry or get wedged under the buttons behind the touch screen disabling the phone no matter how hard you press your finger.

If your phone does get smudged with dirt on the outside, a small drop of water and a (lint-free) micro-fibre cloth should clean it up nicely.

6. Keep it Clean (Inside)

Ensuring your iPhone is running efficiently at full speed means also cleaning up its memory on a regular basis. Uninstall any applications you don’t use that often – you can easily re-install them when you need them. In addition clear out any unwanted old photos, it’s simpler to store them on another, bigger device like your home computer.

In many ways, iPhones are surprisingly sturdy. But don’t let that sleek cool exterior fool you. Just like the Helix Bridge, without proper maintenance, they will fail and leave you floundering about in the water, without a phone.

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