6 Things You Should Know About iPhone Screen Repair

By | December 12, 2016

If you damaged your iPhone screen, don’t worry – it’s not the end of the world. For most people their iPhone is not only a hefty investment, but their favorite device, and even a deep scratch or a small crack can ruin their day.

Apple’s screen repair costs don’t make things any sweeter, especially if you’re out of warranty and don’t have AppleCare+ either. But however bad the damage, it’s manageable.

Here are a few crucial things you need to know about iPhone screen repair before you start looking for solutions.

  1. You can do it yourself

Screen replacement kits and the tools you need to install them are widely available online and in some local mobile shops as well. Gone are the days when all your hopes rested on the Apple repair service.

There’s a misconception that you have to be tech-savvy to replace the screen – not true! With the right tools and a simple guide (check our How to Repair a Damaged iPhone Screen article) you can do it in less than an hour without stress.

  1. It’s all about the replacement kit

The quality of your iPhone screen repair will be determined by how good the replacement screen you get is. While replacement screens are available everywhere, the truth is that many of them fall short of the quality of the original iPhone screen. The price can also be misleading, since many shops who sell replacement screens are retailers.

Even if the whole point behind a DIY repair is to save money, being cheap about the replacement screen is a bad policy. Choose a kit that has plenty of good reviews. Even more importantly, buy it from a reputable site like Amazon rather than some no-name store.

  1. You need the right tools

Unless we’re talking about scratches (in which case you should check our 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Screen Scratches), you’ll need to take out the old screen. This means you’ll need, in addition to the replacement screen, a suction cup, a 5-point screwdriver (or P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver, Phillips #000 Screwdriver, Phillips #00 Screwdriver), and a spudger tool. These are all easy to get. Make sure you get your hands on them as they will make everything a lot easier.

  1. It’s usually worth it

Replacing a cracked or shattered screen on your own can cost less than $100. On better kits for the latest iPhone model expect to pay more. Even so, you’ll be able to replace the screen for at least one third of the cost of your iPhone (or even one fourth). Best of all, you’ll be able to keep all your data and avoid the stress of having to reinstall software and reconfigure it.

  1. Local phone repair shops may do it

iPhone screen repair services are not available everywhere, but there are more and more shops that are willing to do the work. Some even use original Apple replacement parts. If undressing your iPhone of its case makes you uneasy, a local repair shop can be a good choice.

You’ll pay a bit more than if you’d do it yourself, but they usually have all the replacement parts needed, and can finish the work in a matter of days at most. You may even get your iPhone back on the same day.

  1. You shouldn’t rush it

Most people panic when their iPhone screen gets damaged. It’s that panic that makes them overspend on repair services, buy the first repair kit they come across, or rush the DIY repair process, damaging their phone. Stay calm. Don’t try to fix your iPhone screen on the same day you damage it, but give yourself a day or two to fix it. You’ll notice an amazing thing – life will go on without your iPhone.

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