5 Ways to Save Storage Space on Your iPhone

By | December 17, 2016

Space is often a problem for iPhone users, even for those with 256GBs of storage. The better iPhone apps get, the more space they seem to take, and then there are all those photos and videos that you just can’t get yourself to delete. Fortunately, there are a few effective ways to save storage on your iPhone. Discover them below.

Delete Apps Weighing Over 250MBs

Camera apps, photo or video editing tools, or mapping apps can take more space than all your other apps combined. Yes, Google Maps and camera apps are great to have, but you probably don’t need them on a daily basis. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and see which are at the biggest apps on your device. Chances are you may be using some of them only when you are traveling or in weekends. Have the courage to uninstall them – you can always reinstall them when you need them.

Use the Cloud More Effectively

Are you keeping your older photos and videos in the cloud? Media files often take more space than apps and if you keep them all on your device, you’ll run out of space more quickly. One of the great things about the Cloud is that it helps you store photo albums and video collections in a safe place you can easily access.

iCloud is convenient for iPhone users, especially since it can optimize storage space by saving full-resolution photos only in the Cloud, and keeping smaller resolutions on your device. With the iCloud Photo Library turned on, go to Settings > iCloud > Photos and activate Optimize iPhone Storage.

For many users, however, the free storage provided by iCloud is not enough, and this isn’t the cheapest storage option either, which may discourage you from getting extra storage space. Instead of paying $0.99 a month for 50GB in iCloud, you can get 200GB from Google Photos at only $1.99 a month. You should also try Dropbox and IceCream or ShoeBox – the last two offer unlimited photo storage.

Clean Your Web Browser Cache

If you surf the web a lot on your iPhone, you can end up with a big browser cache. Clean it to save hundreds of MBs by going to Settings > Safari. While you’re there, clear browsing history and cookies too, to save even more space. Even if you don’t use Safari, your web browser of choice should have an option for cleaning cache and history.

Also, make sure that no files you’ve downloaded and that you no longer need remain behind. You’ll find these in your Downloads folder (if you use a file manager app).

Use a space-freeing third-party app

There are a number of Mac and PC apps that can help you save a lot of storage space. Perhaps the best of them is iMyFone Umate, which can clean junk files, compress your photos library to save you up to 75% extra space, and make app deletion easier. While this is a paid app, you can try it for free to check whether it’s for you or not. After you install it on your computer, plug in your iPhone and let the app scan your device. You’ll then see how much space you can save with it.

Don’t store text messages forever

A text message doesn’t weigh that much, but in time it adds up. Also, many messages may include images and animations, which put together eat up more space than you imagine. Do you really have to keep them forever? Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and choose to automatically delete messages at least every year. If you really treasure some messages, you could try using a third-party app to export them to a computer.

Last but not least, remember to tidy up your iPhone space every once in a while. You’d be amazed how many files and apps you don’t actually need can gather dust on your phone.

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