5 Ways To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

By | March 12, 2017

How to prolong the iPhone’s battery is a burning question for all iPhone users, especially those who live in countries with the highest iPhone penetration such as the United States, Australia, and Singapore. Singapore, for example, has over 2 million iPhone users among its total populations of mere 5.4 million.

So here we go – a few awesome tips on how to keep your iPhone battery healthy.

1. Keep an Eye on the Environmental Temperature

Apple specified a temperature range of 16 – 22° C for optimum battery health. Therefore, if you’re in the temperate zone during the winter, or in the tropics such as Singapore, you would do your iPhone battery a huge favor by limiting the use of your iPhone outdoors. In fact, prolonged exposure to hot sun could raise the battery temperature to 35° C or more and inflict permanent damage to the battery.

2. Try Not to Use Your iPhone ALL the Time

The iPhone battery is rated to be able to retain 80% of capacity in 500 recharge cycles, and after that it goes downhill quickly! So the more you use your iPhone, the more you will have to recharge the battery and the less healthy the battery will be. Incidentally, that’s the same principle subscribed to by ascetic monks and priests. They believe that if you eat very little or just enough, then your bodily functions will not have to work as hard and your body can last longer. While you don’t have to believe in asceticism, the deteriorating health of your iPhone battery with each recharge is a fact of life. It’s a good excuse for developing a new hobby or obsession besides using your iPhone.

3. Charge Your iPhone Battery From About 30 – 80%

In other words, this means trying your best to prevent your iPhone battery from falling to 0% and to not charge it to 100% (except once a month – see #4 below). As you might have noticed, the charge of your iPhone battery falls faster when it’s very low and takes longer to recharge when the level approaches 100% – it’s as if the Lithium ions get bent out of shape (metaphorically speaking) at either end. In short, experts have found that keeping the charge of the iPhone battery between 30 – 80% can significantly extend its life beyond the factory-rated 500 recharge cycles.

4. Charge the Battery in Full to 100% Once a Month

It is recommended to charge your iPhone battery in full from low (less than 30%) to full about once a month. Doing so has a way of recalibrating the battery which can do untold good things to its health, not unlike a workaholic treating himself to a full night’s sleep once in a while.

5. Power off Your iPhone Once a Week

There are so many different managements of the iPhone battery during use that an engineer at Apple may not recall all of them off the top of its head. Powering off your iPhone and turning it back on resets all battery issues. You really should do that about once a week to enjoy optimum battery health and usage.

Declining iPhone battery health is a fact of life. While you can do all the above to keep the battery healthy, do not despair if it failed. Bring it to your Apple store for a diagnosis. In certain cases, they may not charge you the full battery replacement cost of US$79 (or S$118 in Singapore).

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