5 Ways to Remove iPhone Screen Scratches

By | December 29, 2016

Screen scratches may not be as depressing as broken screens, but they are frequent enough to be annoying. In fact, if you don’t use a screen protector, chances are your iPhone already has a few scratches. The good news? There are a few effective DIY methods that can help you deal with them.

Before you learn more, it’s good to know that your iPhone’s screen isn’t just average glass, but has an oleo phobic coating. This makes it easier to thumb, but the downside is that it doesn’t react well to alcohol-based cleaning substances and vasoline, which are often used to treat scratches on computer screens. Avoid these substances. Follow the tips below instead.

1. Use a bit of pipe insulation

Did you know that pipe insulation and magic erases are made from the same fibers? We didn’t. Get your hands on a bit of pipe insulation – a small piece will do – and rub it gently over the screen.

Hold the iPhone firmly on the desk or table and don’t apply too much pressure. You’ll be surprised by the results – tiny scratches will disappear as if by magic.

2. Rub them with a pencil eraser

Another easy fix for shallow scratches is pencil erasers. Rubber erasers will also do, but make sure you choose a clean white rubber. Lay your iPhone flat on the table and identify the scratch. If you have multiple scratches, take one at a time.

Rub the eraser over the scratch for about a minute, first right and left, and then up and down. The scratch will gradually fill out and your iPhone screen will look better.

3. Try good-quality car products

A different type of products that can help you fix iPhone screen scratches are good car waxes and headlight lens creams. When applied to the screen, they can make deeper scratches less visible and fix lighter scratches.

Since these products usually come with different usage notes, it’s important to read the labels before applying them to the screen. A good reason to use car wax is that it will not only help fade scratches, but also give your screen a new, glossy shine. For best results, buy a high-quality product.

4. Brush them with toothpaste

Toothpaste also seems to work for lighter scratches. Use normal toothpaste, not gel. Apply it directly to the scratch and massage it into the scratch with your finger. Alternatively, dab a cotton swab into toothpaste and rub it into the scratch. Follow a circular motion and don’t press too hard on the screen. When you’re done, wipe the area around the scratch with a clean cloth.

5. Fill them with cerium oxide

A cerium oxide treatment is one of the most effective ways to fix deeper iPhone scratches, those that you can feel with your fingernail. Since it’s also one of the more complicated methods of dealing with screen scratches, and takes quite a bit of time, you should try it only if the scratch is serious.

Before you get started, you’ll need a bit of water, a clean rag, a 1200-grit sand paper and at least 100g of cerium oxide, a glass polish you can buy on Amazon. Since sandpaper is involved, this is a dangerous method, and not for the faint-hearted.

  1. Cut a small piece of 1200 grit sand paper small enough for your finger pad. (You’ll be rubbing only the scratch, not the whole screen!)
  2. Moisten the area you will be sanding, but not the rest of the phone. Be careful not to drip water into the ports.
  3. Sand off the scratch with care. Do it slowly, applying moderate pressure.
  4. Stop when the scratch is almost gone and you can’t feel it anymore (but you can still see a trace of it).
  5. Mix the cerium oxide with water, following the instructions on the package. Sometimes cerium oxide comes pre-mixed.
  6. Tape off the case of the phone, leaving only the screen exposed.
  7. Use a clean rag to apply the polish to the scratch. Apply a strong pressure, using a circular motion.
  8. If the cerium oxide feels dry, moisten it with a bit of water.
  9. Don’t stop until you’re happy with the result.

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