5 Best iPhone Bus Apps In Singapore

By | December 31, 2016

Reaching your destination in the Lion City becomes so much easier when you know the routes and schedules of buses. Although it’s always easy to hail a cab in Singapore, buses remain a cheap and affordable aid to exploring the city at your own pace. Whether or not you already have a bus map, having at least one of the following top bus apps in Singapore on your iPhone can improve your travel experience.

SG Buses

This app uses data from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore to provide you with accurate bus routes and timetables. It’s easy to use and quite fast for an app of its kind, so you won’t find yourself tapping your time away with it. A feature we especially like is the time of arrival estimates for buses. It comes in handy if you don’t know the exact hours for a particular route, or nearly miss a bus.

Another great thing about it is the capacity indicator. White means free seats, yellow limited seating, and red means you’ll have to stand. SG Buses is a strong contender for the title of the best Singaporean bus app on the App Store.

My Transport

My Transport features not just bus routes and hours, but a wealth of real-time information about traffic and land travel in Singapore. With it you can easily find bus stops in your area, access route information, and view live traffic images.

If you won’t travel exclusively by bus but plan to drive a car or cycle through the city, this app is, as the title suggests, a versatile transport app. You’ll like its straightforward design and overall good performance.

SBS Transit IRIS

While the latest versions of this app have received some negative reviews, mainly because of technical issues, this remains nevertheless a useful Singapore bus app. It brings you all the essential bus services information you need to travel stress-free through the Lion City.

If there are any delays in the operation of buses caused by holidays or accidents, you can easily find out with this app. Real-time estimates for arrivals are accurate and easy to check. Overall, this is a useful bus app to have if you’re heading to Singapore, whether you’re alone or in a group. Even if you don’t use it as you main bus app, you can still use it as a backup option.

SG Buses Delight

SG Buses Delight brings you real-time bus schedules and color-coded seating availability, which can be especially useful if you’re traveling with a group. The GPS locator is one of the fastest of all bus apps on this list. You’ll also enjoy the clean and well-ordered interface.

It’s easy to use and responsive, so you can find the right bus for you in no time. Another feature you’ll like is the home screen widget, which helps you catch the bus you’re after in time.

One search works for bus, stop, and road at the same time, so you won’t have to do separate searches. Good to note is that this app works only with SBS and SMRT bus lines.

SG BusLeh

SG Busleh is loaded with awesome features any commuter or casual bus-rider will grow to love: a map-integreted GPS tracker, at-a-glance empty seat capacity (for SBS and SMRT buses lines), and a convenient favorites system that allows you to quickly access your most used bus routes and even rename bus stops.

SG BusLeh uses a unified search system that allows you to enter anything – route numbers, stop numbers, postal codes, or even street names into the search bar so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Some days, you just don’t have time to fumble through an app to get the information you want. SG BusLeh presents all the information you need in a clear, easy to understand format.

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