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6 Tips To Keep Your iPhone In Optimal Condition

A new iPhone should be held aloft and admired, a thing of beauty just like Marina Bay’s high-tech Helix Bridge. But like the Singapore landmark, the delicate strands inside the iPhone need to be loved and taken care of. Here are six simple maintenance tips to keep your daily companion in top working order and… Read More »

5 Ways To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

How to prolong the iPhone’s battery is a burning question for all iPhone users, especially those who live in countries with the highest iPhone penetration such as the United States, Australia, and Singapore. Singapore, for example, has over 2 million iPhone users among its total populations of mere 5.4 million. So here we go – a… Read More »

5 Common iPhone 6 and 7 Problems And How To Repair Them

Your iPhone is like a lifeline; it keeps you organized, helps you plan trips, keep in touch with your friends throughout the day, and bump your favorite tunes while you’re taking a long drive. But sometimes, your phone has other plans. Like most slick new pieces of technology, iPhones can be prone to a few… Read More »