Monthly Archives: February 2017

9 Cool iOS 10 Tips For iPhone You Should Know

The last installment of iOS came with new features and app updates, providing a more refined mobile experience. It’s the best operating system for iPhone to date. You may have already noticed the performance improvements and better visuals, but do you know the following 9 iOS 10 tips and tricks? 1. Look at notifications without… Read More »

5 Steps To Repair An iPhone Black Screen

As any avid iPhone user knows, some problems are easier to work around than others. Maybe you dropped it while trying to snap a quick photo of a monkey at MacRitchie Park, or maybe you just picked it up from your bedside table and found it this way; whatever the case, finding your iPhone stuck… Read More »

4 Steps To Repair An Unresponsive iPhone Home Button

Some buttons are more important than others. Sure, you can do without the function keys on your keyboard or maybe the ‘Share’ button on your PS4 controller, but there’s one button you’d probably rather not go without: your iPhone’s ‘Home’ button. When there’s only one main button on your device, it becomes especially frustrating when… Read More »