10 iPhone Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

By | December 25, 2016

Your iPhone is full of lesser-known features that can make your mobile experience more enjoyable. From a new way to take better selfies to custom reply messages, discover 10 iPhone tricks that can come in handy.

1. Take a better selfie with your headphones

Even if you activate the camera stutter by pressing a volume button, a bit of camera shake may still make its way into your selfies. Eliminate camera shake from hand movements by using the volume button on your pair of headphones instead. Just make sure your headphones are connected to your iPhone and the camera app is open.

2. Snap photos while shooting videos

It’s easy – tap the on-screen camera button beneath the shutter button which appears when recording video. Photos will be taken with the video sensor rather than the photo sensor, but the quality will be okay.

3. Extend battery life with Low Power Mode

If you’re traveling, or for whatever reasons will be away from a power socket, don’t wait for your battery level to plummet for your phone to automatically enable low power mode. Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. This turns off push notifications, Hey Siri, and reduces visual effects.

4. Use Do Not Disturb Mode

Avoid distractions while you work or spend time with your loved ones. Swipe upwards on the Home screen and tap on the crescent moon. To set quiet hours and access more options, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.

5. Type faster by double-spacing for full stops

Going to the symbol menu to find a full stop each time you want to end a sentence can be a pain. A faster way is to quickly double-tap the space bar. This not only ads a full stop, but also a space, so you can begin a new sentence with a capital letter.

6. Shake to undo

Accidentally deleted a phrase, sentence, or paragraph? Just give your iPhone a shake, making sure you hold it tightly. The undo/redo dialogue will pop up.

7. Make the flash blink for messages

In addition to vibration and sound alerts for new messages, you can also get your iPhone to blink its rear-facing camera whenever someone texts you. Activate this feature by going to Settings > General > Accessibility.

8. Quickly find keywords on a web page

As you surf the web or read a long page without subheadings, you may want to quickly locate a word or phrase. You can do this by typing the word or phrase in the URL bar at the top of the screen and run a search.

Look at the bottom of the list of results for those labeled On This Page. Tap on it, and then use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate results.

9. Turn the Compass into a level

Launch the Compass app and swipe from right to left. Calibrate the level on a flat surface and then use it as a digital level. Not sure if the framed painting on the wall is level? Use the compass to find out.

10. Create custom reply messages for calls you can’t answer

People who are calling you will like you more if you can tell them why you can’t answer rather. Go to Settings > Respond With Text and customize messages – you can have up to three. Depending on your version of iOS, access custom replies by swiping upward on the phone icon next to the unlock slider and Respond With Text, or tap the Message button above the Slide to Answer slider.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 iPhone tricks. If you have more, let us know.

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